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Android app for railway ticket booking

Indian Railway is India’s third largest human transport system over which 2 corer passengers travel daily all over India. Even if there are seat available random people who don’t buy tickets enter the compartment and buy tickets from the Tc. This increase rushes in train which results “happy journey” slogan of Indian Railway in to

How to check the train running status on mobile

In this busy running world, it is quite difficult to patch up ourselves to get ready and move towards our travel plan; it is either planned one or sudden plan. Many channels are there to help you find the train’s running status, such as Indian Railway authorized websites and many other sub-domains on Google pages.

What is the running status of my Indian Railways train?

The train starts from the originating station at one scheduled time, which also would be declared in the chart even. However, it is the basic information for every passenger to know about the train’s running status, which means the exact location of the train between the source & destination; exact timing of the arrival at

The national train enquiry system of Indian Railways

National Train Enquiry System (NTES) is an integral part of the Integrated Coaching Management System, which is developed & maintained by the CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems). Indian Railways make the efforts best in order to regulate the delaying trains, rescheduling of the trains, cancellation of trains, diversion of certain trains, et al. Adding

How can I check the Indian Railways seat availability?

The website is the Indian Railway’s authorized online platform that helps you check the seat availability when you are planning for a journey. First, get register yourself on the website, and get your username & password, which you can use it for a lifetime. Upon login, you can set your traveling date and then

Why would I check the PNR status of my ticket?

When traveling by train in India, you might want to check the PNR status of your train ticket on a frequent basis. In most countries, buying a ticket for the train guarantees automatic confirmation of your travel. In India, this is not the case. When you’ve bought a ticket for the Indian Railways, you still