Top 5 most interesting train journeys in India

Want to know something interesting? With over 11, 5000 km of railway track, India has become one of the largest railway tracks. Are you planning for vacations? It certainly takes us back to the childhood day when a holiday meant to travel on the train. It also meant to admire the changing landscapes, beautiful trees

Make use of the smart toilets at Indian Railways stations

Tired of dirty trains and even dirty toilets? But recently an Indian railway has provided some relief to the passengers. Indian railways recently represent the number of initiatives that have taken to maintain the cleanness of India. According to the chief of the Railway minister, sustaining cleanliness is one of the typical and fantastic processes.

Make use of the catering options in Indian Railways trains

Well, we take travel quite seriously, and we know the importance of Indian Railway plays in the traveler life. The railway is considered one of the most important and economic transports in India. It is crucial that you should update with the latest developments in the railways. Indian railways have introduced from time to time

How to find my PNR status and train info?

PNR (Passenger Name Record) status codes are quite common for all types of travel tickets. A code that mentions the status of traveler’s seat confirmation and other information in relation to it are PNR status. In this mechanical world, it is very important to book the seats as per the date of journey, a book

What is the Western Railway Timetable?

The Western Railway (abbreviated as WR) is one of the important railway zones among the other 16 of Indian Railways and is observed to be the busiest railway networks when compare to other railway networks. The major railway routes of the Western Railway are: Mumbai Central to Ratlam Mumbai Central to Ahmedabad & Palanpur to

What are the different PNR status codes?

There are different types of PNR status codes in the Indian Railway. They are Waiting List (WL), RAC (Reservation against Confirmation – in which it is considered as half berth [you will get seat]), Confirmed (Full Berth). The waiting list is further classified as: GNWL: It is General Waiting List. Waitlisted tickets will be issued

How to check your PNR status

Passenger name record is known as the PNR. Passenger name record consists a personal details of the passengers. PNR number is the ten digits numerical code. The PNR number linked to each railway booking at the top of the railway ticket. The number created either single booking or a group booking. You will find the

Android app for railway ticket booking

Indian Railway is India’s third largest human transport system over which 2 corer passengers travel daily all over India. Even if there are seat available random people who don’t buy tickets enter the compartment and buy tickets from the Tc. This increase rushes in train which results “happy journey” slogan of Indian Railway in to

The national train enquiry system of Indian Railways

National Train Enquiry System (NTES) is an integral part of the Integrated Coaching Management System, which is developed & maintained by the CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems). Indian Railways make the efforts best in order to regulate the delaying trains, rescheduling of the trains, cancellation of trains, diversion of certain trains, et al. Adding