PNR status

How to find my PNR status and train info?

PNR (Passenger Name Record) status codes are quite common for all types of travel tickets. A code that mentions the status of traveler’s seat confirmation and other information in relation to it are PNR status. In this mechanical world, it is very important to book the seats as per the date of journey, a book

How to check PNR status by using an app?

PNR code is a 10-digit number that you need to quote for any set of correspondence regarding your ticket and the journey. The ticket will comprise the information such as train number, train name, date of journey, travel class, place of origin & destination, ticket status, berth details (for confirmed tickets), and passengers’ details. Indian

What are the different PNR status codes?

There are different types of PNR status codes in the Indian Railway. They are Waiting List (WL), RAC (Reservation against Confirmation – in which it is considered as half berth [you will get seat]), Confirmed (Full Berth). The waiting list is further classified as: GNWL: It is General Waiting List. Waitlisted tickets will be issued

How to check your PNR status

Passenger name record is known as the PNR. Passenger name record consists a personal details of the passengers. PNR number is the ten digits numerical code. The PNR number linked to each railway booking at the top of the railway ticket. The number created either single booking or a group booking. You will find the

Why would I check the PNR status of my ticket?

When traveling by train in India, you might want to check the PNR status of your train ticket on a frequent basis. In most countries, buying a ticket for the train guarantees automatic confirmation of your travel. In India, this is not the case. When you’ve bought a ticket for the Indian Railways, you still