www.irctc.co.inSuppose you are planning for a travel, first you have to check for the availability of trains and for the availability of tickets. In olden days checking this by going to railway station is a hassle job. But in recent days after technology has grown, it becomes very simple. You can check for the availability of the train on which you have to travel and you can check for the availability of tickets on that train, check for availability of tatkal train tickets, availability of tour trains and tour packages by sitting at home or in your working place by using internet.

People prefer checking online through IRCTC for train availability and ticket availability since it saves their time and the effort of going to railway station and stand in a queue to check the train availability and the ticket availability.

What is IRCTC availability?

Normal ticket reservation availability can be checked online before 120 days which takes its effect from April 2015. Tatkal ticket availability can be checked one day before of your journey.

IRCTC availability provides special Ladies quota ticket availability. Six seats will be available per journey. Ladies quota was introduced in the year 2011. Ladies quota ticket can be booked 60 days before the journey. IRCTC availability allows you to check the seat availability. If IRCTC availability shows you no seats for the source and destination station that you have entered, you can change the boarding station and check for the seat availability.

Steps to follow while checking IRCTC Availability (IRCTC Ticket Availability)

  • Login to your IRCTC account using your IRCTC username and password.
  • Enter all your travel details into the website by providing source station and destination station of the journey, the date of travel and the type of the ticket.
  • Select the train that suits your journey from the list of trains displayed
  • You have to select the class that you wish to travel to check for the seat availability.
  • If you find no tickets in General tickets then you can check the availability of tickets in tatkal

IRCTC Availability, IRCTC ticket availability and IRCTC seat availability almost mean the same.