Indian RailwayIt is simple to follow the IRCTC login or sign up process. For Login to the IRCTC you must register in the site providing all your details in the sign up form.

The registration process in IRCTC is very easy and simple. All you need is to follow the advice keenly and carefully. Then provide the full details asked in the form. It only take few seconds to create your own account on the IRCTC website and to enjoy all the benefit that the railway site offers. You can enjoy immediate booking of tickets, check PNR status and enjoy various facilities offered by the IRCTC website.

The best way to get into IRCTC website Is to type the web browser’s address bar. IRCTC is the official website of Indian railways to book Indian railways tickets online. This is a site which is maintained and regulated by Indian railways catering and Tourism Corporation Limited.

When you get into the IRCTC login page, it shows you an option to login. If you are visiting the site for the first time then you have to become a registered user by filling up the registration form by clicking the sign up button. You can follow the guidelines given in the IRCTC site. While creating new account, make sure that you are providing the correct information to the site so that they have further follow up with the details provided here. IRCTC may decline your account if you are making a fake entry. They can even file a cse without warning for false personification.

IRCTC login

How to sign up & login to IRCTC?

  • Just go to and click the Sign up button which is just below the login option.
  • After you press the signup button, you will see a page which will ask you all the details to fill in the form. You have to provide details for the mandatory fields. Be sure that you are providing with correct phone number and correct E-mail address since all your password details and user ID to access the site will be sent to the details that you provide here.
  • After providing all correct details just click the submit button.
  • After submitting, a pop-up dialogue box will just ask you to check your mobile number again. You have to recheck your mobile number again and press “OK” button.
  • Just read the terms and conditions of the IRCTC site. If you agree with the terms of IRCTC site, click “accept” button.
  • Now you have completed your registration process. After this you can login with your username and password which can be changed after you become a registered user.

IRCTC Sign upWhat is IRCTC login? thing you love with IRCTC site is that they accept all the indian bank credit and debit cards. Also the payment can be done by using Internet banking.

If your ticket is not confirmed the system automatically reverse the payment to your bank account.

Indian railways are the used widely and they are the preferred mode of transport by almost all indian. IRCTC login is very useful to book tickets online thus it is obvious that almost all the people must have knowledge of its online site called the IRCTC. This online site of Indian railway is versatile as you could perform different activities such as booking a ticket or canceling a ticket. You can also check the availability in different trains. You can even check the PNR status of the ticket through IRCTC login.

You can also search for the holiday trains through IRCTC login. Search for special trains using IRCTC login. All the services offered through IRCTC login is regularly updated. You can login to the IRCTC site and enjoy the facilities offered by IRCTC login. Your registered account in IRCTC favors you to get into IRCTC login account. IRCTC is the official site for reserving of Indian railway ticket.

IRCTC login is a very good platform that allows you to book and cancel the tickets by clicking the mouse and comfortably sitting at home. There is no need to fear about your information provide to IRCTC site and about your account details that are asked on the website, the IRCTC have latest software that protect the passengers details without any problem. You have to just register on the online website and enjoy the benefits and services offered by the Indian Railways.

The IRCTC login process

After registering on the IRCTC website, you can login by clicking on the link or by typing in your web browser address bar. You can also download IRCTC app in your smart phone which runs on Windows, Android, and iPhone Operating System. This app is very helpful and easy to use.

The IRCTC login can be made available only after signing up through sign up page. Once you get into the sign up page and complete the registration form, after clicking the submit button you will be asked to recheck the details provide into the site. Mainly you have to check the phone number and your E-mail id. Because through these Medias any intimation from Indian railway will reach you.

After you register through sign up page you become a registered user to IRCTC site. The Indian railways make take serious actions without any warning for the fake accounts created and for false personification.

How can I use

Once you become a registered user of IRCTC site, you can login to the IRCTC login by your user name ID and password. After you enter into the site for the first time you can change your password.

Through IRCTC login you can reserve tickets, booking and cancelling of tickets is made easier and simple.

Through IRCTC login you can check your PNR status. The PNR status of your ticket can be see through IRCTC login by simply typing in your 10 digit PNR number.

You can check whether your ticket has changed from waiting list staus to confirmed status through IRCTC login. If your ticket is not confirmed, if it is still in the waiting list till the train starts then automatically the money will be credited into your bank account.