www.irctc.co.inBooking a train ticket in IRCTC online booking is very easy. The things that you have to do are to enter the name of the city that you are traveling from and the name of the city that you are travelling to. Specify your date of travel and the class in which you would like to travel, and the number of passengers for whom you want to do IRCTC online booking. Now click the Find Trains button, and you will see a list of all the available trains for that particular date and for the particular class will be displayed in your screen. You can select the train which suits your requirement after checking the availability of the train that you wish to travel and click Book. Then you can just follow the instructions given on the next few steps and complete your IRCTC online booking. So, it is is clear that IRCTC online booking is very simple and easy.

IRCTC online booking system will automatically search for train that starts from your source station and ends in your destination statin and display you all the train list on that particular date that you wish to travel. For searching the trains you can just enter the 3 or 4 letter station code.

IRCTC online booking: seven types of seats

The IRCTC has arranged seven types of seats in Indian Railways. They are

  • First class AC (1A)
  • AC 2 Tier (2A)
  • AC 3 Tier (3A)
  • First class (FC)
  • AC chair car (CC)
  • Sleeper (SL)
  • Second seating(2S)

The advanced booking of tickets through IRCTC can be done 60 days before the date of journey.

How to book your IRCTC tickets online?

The simple steps that you have to follow in IRCTC online booking are

  • Log in through IRCTC login
  • Continue by clicking “plan my journey”
  • Select desired class you wish to travel
  • The availability of class information is displayed
  • Select the class
  • Then click “Book now”
  • Feed the passenger informations
  • Payment window opens for you and make your payment for the ticket that you booked through IRCTC online booking

If the status of your ticket that you have booked is still in the waiting list till the train is about to start then your money will be automatically refunded to your bank account.