www.irctc.co.inIRCTC tatkal ticket booking in peak hours needs little tricks to book confirm tatkal ticket. Irctc booking time starts at 10.00 A.M. It is better to get ready by 9.00 or 9.30 A.M with all your passenger details. It is better if you fill auto fill extension to fill in the passenger details. Passenger detail page should be be the first time after IRCTC login. If with the same login session ,you are visiting the passenger detail page multiple time then the chance of getting difficult and long captch to enter is greater. If there is a problem with captcha then there is chance for the booking time to increase to 20 or 30 seconds depending on the internet speed of the system.

How to book IRCTC tatkal tickets?

The autofill extension can help you with filling the passenger details automatically, but this alone will not help you in booking tatkal tickets in just 20 sec. you should have good internet speed. Use good internet service providers like BSNL, Airtel and MTNL

Make sure that your IP address is not shared with any other customer since IRCTC will allow only for 2 tatkal ticket booking with same IP from 8.00A.M to !2.00 P.M. Be sure that you are having unique IP address. Clarify this with your ISP (Internet service provider). Try to buy a high speed plan ( 2MBPS OR 1 MBPS) Close all other applications which is using internet while booking IRCTC tatkal tickets. Use the browser carefully use either Mozilla firefox or google chrome.

Though your antivirus takes micro second to scan the site it will make different while you are about to book tatkal ticket, so it is better to disable your antivirus software installed while booking the tatkal ticket.

Restart your machine before booking the tatkal ticket. Always clean your temporary memory which will help you in increasing your computer speed.

IRCTC Tatkal

Payment gateway for IRCTC tatkal tickets

It is better to choose the best payment gateway which will take less time to process the transaction. Avoid the payment gateway that have too many page redirections. It is better to use net banking or debit card of any private bank or any credit card which is very fast even in festival session.