www.irctc.co.inAs the technology has reached its zenith and it is on its continuous growth day by day. The life of people has become very easy comparatively to those of earlier days.

The Indian railways has developed a lot and it aims to save time and effort of people in booking tickets, cancelling of tickets, to find PNR status of the booked ticket, to check the train running status etc.
There are many websites to find the train running status of any train. It is very easy to find the train running status of any train using their train number.You can just enter the train number and the date it started to run.

Click on check train running status, a new page will load and it will show you all information about the train. The current running status of the train will be shown. The current location of the train will be shown through the Google maps.

National train enquiry system (NTES) is a gateway provided by Indian Railway to get useful and helpful information. National Train Enquiry system provides information such as train running status, route information, schedule of the train, delay status of the train and many more helpful information is provided through internet, mobile and Landline.

Indian Railways make necessary arrangements and all efforts to make all trains to run on time.
But sometimes the trains get delayed. Sometimes they are rescheduled, they are cancelled. Sometimes they are diverted to some other route which results in the change of the actual arrival and departure time from actual scheduled time.

Train running status

In this type of situation it is obvious that all people will check for train running status of the particular train.
The Indian railways have launched an official website to know the train running status beforehand so that it will avoid any in comfort ability and inconvenience.
By using this National train enquiry system (NTES), you can

• Spot the train
• Get live stations
• Trains between any 2 stations
• The Train schedule
• Trains that are cancelled
• Details about Rescheduled and Diverted trains

Spot your train running stations

This facility offered by National train enquiry system will help you to track your train. The current train running status of the train can be known just by entering the train number.

Live stations

This facility offered by National train enquiry system will help you to get the list of all the trains that is about to arrive and depart in next 2 , 4 6 and 8 hours for any particular station. The user have to enter the station name alone to get all these details.

Train between Indian Stations

National train enquiry system provides the facility of train between stations which will allow you to list all trains running between any 2 stations. For this you have to enter the starting station name in “From Station” and destination station name in “To Station”. After entering the station names just click “Go”.

Train schedule (train running status)

Indian RailwayNational train enquiry system has provided this facility to know the complete schedule of any train. For this you have to type the train number. The result will have the name of all the station where the train stops, the expected arrival of time of the train, the departure time at all stations.

Trains cancelled

National Train running enquiry systems provides you this option to show you all the cancelled train on any particular day or in previous day.

Reschedules and Diverted trains

National train running enquiry system provides this facility to make you known about the list of all rescheduled and diverted trains.

How to check the train running status?

There are many websites to check the train running status of a train. First any one of the website to check the current train running status of a particular train. You must know the train number to find this. Type the train number and click check train running status. The system will make you know the current location of the train. You can locate your train in the map also.

The train number is a five digit number. You have type this 5 digit train number into the site and check the train running status. You can check the train running status even in your mobile.

Train running status on Android device

The train running status can also be checked through Android apps in Google play store. Indian train status is an app for android phone to check the train running status. This app is very easy to use. Fast and easy to access the Indian train status app. Apart from train running status you can also check your PNR status of the ticket. The Indian train status app makes people to look at you with amazement if you are saying the status of the train you are travelling without looking outside. It gives you one touch access to show you train running status, PNR status and timetables. One month timetables are cached offline for quick rechecking. Handy berth and seat calculator is available in this app. Reservation date calculator is provided in this app. You can also set reminders. The Indian train status app also has more companion app to make your travel a better one. Launch map option launches maps of default android application and locates you the exact place of the train. The status of the train is from the National train enquiry system.

Indian train running status is another app you can find in Google play store which show you the train running status of a particular train. Indian train running status is a very easy and simple to use app. The unique application of this app in the android app market helps you to search the train, know the train schedule, and know the live train running status.
This is the first mobile application to show you the train running status of local and passenger train. You can also find the train running status of fast and super-fast express trains and weekly special trains. If you are not aware of the availability of trains while moving to unknown places, you can use this app to pick the right train at right time. This app solves all your train related enquiries.
The Indian train running status app makes you to fee more convenient, secure and comfortable while you travel to unknown places by providing you the train schedule and the train running status. This app is not affiliated with Indian railways we site or IRCTC.

If you are very anxious to check the train running status of your train, you can track your train status with just few clicks. Check with smart tool to check the train running status, arrival and departure timings of your train.

Check your IRCTC Train running status

Steps to check your train running status

• Know your train name and train number.

• Select the station from the drop down list

• Just click on the arrival and departure button

• It will show you the current location and the status of your train

PNR status trainsNetwork of Indian railways is the biggest network in the world. This is continuously changing and updating to provide their services in more convenient manner for the passengers. If you wish to trace out the live train you need not go to the railway station to enquire about that. Just go to any one of the travel website which have online train tracking systems. These travel sites provide you with tracking of the trains and gives you information about where your trains will be and also gives you information about the arrival and departure from the stations.

Just provide your 5 digit train number to know the train running status of the particular train with that number. You can use this facility not only at the time of travelling by train, but if you are met with a situation to wait and pick up someone in the railway station. So this is very much convenient for someone who waits for the train or for someone who waits to board into the train.
Some web sites in addition to these facilities they provide a facility to order food and the food is delivered when the train stops at the station

One can easily track and spot the train anytime and anywhere using the smart featured website through your laptop or through your mobile. The detail you must know is about the train number, PNR number, station name, statin code. The enquiries regarding the current live running status of the train can be given at any time and from any place. The train running status is regularly updated. If you want the latest report then you have to make a latest enquiry.

Many travel websites comes as a mobile websites which favors you a way to find the train running status through your mobile.
Apart from current train running status you can also find other services as to find Train schedule, live stations, Delivered trains, trains between stations, Rescheduled trains and cancelled trains.
Indian trains are notified for not being at time, so the services offered by these websites are really helpful in this type of situations.