What are the different PNR status codes?

www.irctc.co.inThere are different types of PNR status codes in the Indian Railway. They are Waiting List (WL), RAC (Reservation against Confirmation – in which it is considered as half berth [you will get seat]), Confirmed (Full Berth).

The waiting list is further classified as:

  • GNWL: It is General Waiting List. Waitlisted tickets will be issued to the passenger who starts his/her journey at the origin station of the route or station near to the origin. This is the most common type of waiting list, wherein chances are high to get seat confirmation.
  • RLWL: It is Remote Location Waiting It will be issued to those who book tickets at intermediate stations (between the train’s origin and destination) wherein those are important towns/cities on the particular route. RLWL tickets have special priority and the confirmation will be given against the cancellation of other (destination) confirmed ticket. Remote location stations prepare the chart 3 hours before the train departs the origin. These tickets have fewer chances for ticket confirmation.
  • PQWL: It is Pooled Quota Waiting list, in which it will be shared among many small stations. These quotas execute only from originating station of the route, hence, there will be only one pooled quota for the total run. Pooled quota tickets will be allotted for those who commence their travel from the origin to the destination or from intermediate station to destination or between any two intermediate stations.
  • RLGN: It is Remote Location General Waiting List. Here, the tickets will be allotted for those who book a ticket when the WL is RLWL. It means once the ticket is booked, RLWL will name as RLGN.
  • RSWL: It is Roadside Station Waiting Here, the tickets will be allotted when seats/berths are booked at the origination station until the roadside station and no distance restrictions will be considered. This type has less chance for ticket confirmation.
  • RQWL: It is Request Waiting list. If the travel starts from an intermediate station to other intermediate station, and the booking does not cover by general Quota or Pooled Quota, then the ticket registration request goes as RQWL.
  • TQWL: It is Tatkal ticket, wherein it was known as CKWL earlier until 2016 November. It the passenger books ticket under Tatkal Quota, the ticket will be confirmed immediately. However, General Waiting List gets the first preference, hence; TQWL gets less likely to get the tickets confirmed sometimes.

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