Indian RailwayThe Indian Railways Map will show you the important broad gauge line, the meter gauge line, the narrow gauge line and the major railway junction of our India railway network. The state Indian railway map will show the rail network and the major railway stations of that particular state.

How the Indian Railway Map works

The international boundary, the important broad gauge line, the meter gauge line, the narrow gauge line, the capital cities and the major railway junction are displayed in the Indian railway map. Apart from Indian railway map there are state Indian railway map also. The railway stations and the rail network of that particular state are displayed in the state Indian railway map.

Indian Railway Map: 16 different zones

The Indian railways which is divided as 16 zones, is the one of the biggest and busiest rail networks of the earth. There are 9000 passenger trains and 18 million people travel in these trains every day. It is a huge net work and Indian railways catering and Tourist Corporation employs almost 1.4 million people. For more than 2 centuries the Indian railways serve the Indian people. The first passenger train was between the Bori bunder and Thane.

Indian Railway Map

The Indian railway map which is divided into 16 zones binds and connects the social, cultural and economical condition of the country which covers whole india from north to south and east to west by removing the distance barrier between the people. The Indian railway network has brought the Indian people together amsit the barriers of their social and cultural conditions. The distance among the people is reduced b the Indian railway network. The 16 zones in the Indian railway map is as follows.

The 16 Indian Railway zones

  • Northern Railway (NR)
  • North Eastern Railway (NER)
  • Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR)
  • Western Railway (WR)
  • Southern Railway (SR)
  • South Central Railway (SCR)
  • South Eastern Railway (SER)
  • Eastern Railway (ER)
  • Central Railway (CR)
  • South Western Railway (SWR)
  • North Western Railway (NWR)
  • West Central Railway (WCR)
  • North Central Railway (NCR)
  • South East Central Railway (SECR)
  • East Coast Railway (ECoR)
  • East Central Railway (ECR)