Indian RailwayThere are many websites which provides you the exact train running information. For getting this information it is enough if you provide the 5 digit train number and click the button to get the train running information. This information that you get is from National train enquiry system.

Apart from getting these information through travel websites, you can also make use of the mobile websites and mobile apps to get these train running information.


Tips to get live train running information

Enter the valid train number which has 5 digits in it in the box provided in the site

Click “Get train running status” button

A new page will be loaded with all the information about the train about which you enquired using the 5 digit train number.

If you provide your journey stations and journey date and then click the train running status button then

The system will load a new web page which provide you information about the current location of the train which started from the station that you provided and it will aslo provide the expected arrival and expected departure from the stations.

It is important to provide correct information to track your train accurately. The journey date should be taken care that whether it is fed correctly.

Train running statusWhy isn’t my Train running information displaying?

If the train running status is not delivered for a particular train after you have typed the train number, there may be several reasons why the report is not delivered.

  • You might have entered the incorrect train number
  • The train may not run on the date on which it is enquired.
  • The train might not have yet started from the station of source.

The details that you get by tracing out train running information are as follows.

  1. Current location of the train
  2. Last station of the train from which the train departed.
  3. The delayed report of the train
  4. Expected time of arrival in the desired railway station
  5. Expected time of departure in the desired railway stations

The ways to check train running information online

Step 1: Type the URL in the browser

Step 2: Enter the captcha in text for the system to verify that you are a human and then click verify button.

Step 3: After the successful captcha verification, enter the train number in the specified box

Step 4: After entering the correct train number a new window will be opened in which you can see the scheduled route time table of the particular train. Note that this is not the live train running information of the train that you searched for.

Step 5: to get live train running information just click on the button in the right side saying “All running instances”. You will get a running train list with their dates and times.

You can click *139# from your mobile and follow the instruction to get the train running information

The train running information includes

  • Spotting the train
  • Getting live stations
  • Trains between any 2 stations
  • The Train schedule
  • Trains that are cancelled
  • Details about Rescheduled and Diverted trains

You have to provide your 5 digit train number to find out the train running information of the specified train with that particular train number. The train running information is not only used for the traveler traveling in the particular train, but also for a person who is waiting in the station to pick someone in the railway station. So it is very useful for a person who boards and the train and for a person who departs from the train. Some websites along with the train running information, also provides additional facilities just like ordering foods.