The different kind of trains used by Indian Railways

Different kind of trains Indian RailwaysWant to know something interesting? If you are looking for different type of trains in India then you should read the entire article. We are living in the incredible India where you can grab most spectacular and unforgettable rail journeys in the whole world. The best thing about the Indian railways it is one of the world’s largest railway networks compromising 125000 km and carried almost 8.425 million passengers annually and earning of INR 144167 billion rupees that is quite higher as compared to others. The Indian Railways is one of the oldest and most respected travel in the country.

Moving further, they will connect with several cities, districts, states and regions to one and other ones. Commuters can travel all over the country along with long distance to meet their requirements. According to researchers Indian Railways network is one of the biggest networks in the whole world. There are different kinds of trains and railways in the country. Want to know more? Our government is providing unique type of journey to its users. Most of the fast luxury trains whereas some are quite slower train with stop in each and every village.

You should keep reading the article and understand about different types of trains and their uniqueness.

Rajdhani Express

There are different kinds of trains available in the India in which Rajdhani express is one of the best train in the whole world. This is the fastest trains of India and comes with fastest speed of 130Kmph. Best thing about such train it comes with fully air conditioned services. Such trains connect with two major cities in India on an overnight journey and come with a lot of stops.

rajdhani express

Duronto Express

Such train is completely similar to the Rajdhani express trains with two major exceptions. The best thing about such train it runs nonstop from orgin to destination without any stops. These have both Air condition and Non air condition coaches as well. These are primarily for people who want to travel whole world with quickest possible time. and such train is also manufactured for those people who cannot afford the air condition sears and want to reach their destination soon.

Duronto express

Shatabdi Express

Shatabdi express is one of the oldest and most popular train in the India. Such train is completely air conditioned trains connecting with two cities during the day time. These trains have only sitting facilities. These trains are also fast as Rajdhani express and come with a lot of different services.

shatabdi express

Janshatabdi express

The trains are fully air condition but without any frills and have less speed as compared to other innovative trains. The train stops at a lot of places and generally the worst thing about such train it runs late most of the time.

janshatabdi epress

Intercity/passengers/Fast passenger

If you are looking cheapest and slowest train then you should choose passenger train. Generally these trains have comes with unreserved class but some night trains have sleeper and AC coaches as well.

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